Jenn-air appliance repair

Jenn-Air is one of the most elite brands among all household equipment produced today. The name "Jenn-Air" is consonant with the title of Charlotte Bronte's famous sentimental novel "Jane Eyre" (Jane Eyre), which indicates the particular sophistication of this technique.Jenn-Air household appliances are not a “workhorse” that freezes or cools tens of kilograms of food day and night. Rather, it is a necessary attribute of the life of a wealthy person, an elegant element of prosperity and well-being; this is a refrigerator where in a “friendly” atmosphere a jar of black caviar and a small – but very expensive – bottle of excellent French cognac rest and wait in the wings. A set of Jenn-Air kitchen appliances - a refrigerator, a gas or electric stove, an extractor hood, and so on, will allow you to create a harmonious interior, which, in the case of conventional appliances, would require redevelopment of the premises or a long selection of equipment from different manufacturers. Jenn-Air appliances are in demand due to the stylish design and performance. But even the most reliable household equipment sometimes stop functioning and need repair. The causes of failure can be different, from operating errors to a normal power surge. If the appliance breaks down or something stops working, file a request for service and repair. The master will perform an urgent fix of the Jenn-Air appliances at your house, at a convenient time for you.

How we work:

During the conversation with a client we collect all the required information: address, contact details, brand and model number of the appliance - to quickly grab all the spare parts, convenient time of arrival. At the location of the device, the master first makes a diagnosis of the device. Upon its completion, the technician tells the client the quote for the repair. In case of approval of the quote, the specialistproceeds with a repair. If the customer decides not to repair the appliance, the customer pays only for diagnostics. So, the specialist repaired the breakdowns of Jen-Air equipment. Satisfied with the result, the customer pays for the work done.Weprovide repair services forJenn-Air appliances of any types and models. We will extend the life of your appliances and fix it at cost effective price and in no time. We use only original spare parts from trusted suppliers with the appropriate quality certificates.

All masters of the central service have completed specialized training courses and have certificates confirming the right to carry out repair work with appliances of various brands. We employ courteous and tidy craftsmen. 10 years - the average experience of a repairman in our company. Every day we repair about 50 pieces of equipment.

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